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Monday, March 07, 2005

In Which I Discuss the Truly Important Things In Life

I don't want to talk about politics or the meaning of life. What I want to know is those little details about you, my adoring public. (Humor me, here). Yup - it's another reader participation post! Mainly because it makes blogging so much more fun for me when I get comments. Stop being so stubborn and just play along, damn it! It'll be fun.

Coke or Pepsi? I'm a Pepsi girl, myself. Mmm-mmm, bubbly sweet nectar of the gods. Too bad I decided it had too much corn syrup and stopped drinking it. *sigh* There are days I really crave the cold bubbly goodness of a Pepsi over ice, drunk through a straw because I have sensitive teeth.

Chunky or Smooth Peanut Butter?
Chunky - always! I love Skippy peanut butter, but stopped eating it a couple of years ago because it contains hydrogenated oils and tons of sugar. I've grown accustomed to Adam's Natural Peanut butter, but it really isn't the same.

White or Wheat? Or something else? It depends on who's doing the baking. If I'm using sandwich bread, it's Milton's Healthy Wheat bread (no trans fat, high in fiber, good taste). I will also typically get my Subway sandwiches on wheat. If I'm baking, it's usually a sweet white bread, but I make a really yummy oatmeal bread, a fantastic honey-wheat with walnuts, and a chocolate nut bread that is just to die for. I also like almost anything from the Essential Baking Company. If you visit Washington state, visit one of their stores (I like the one near Gasworks park in Seattle). I'm sure there are plenty of fine bakeries in D.C. Until I find them, I will daydream about EBC's bread. Oooh - the Lituanian bakery in Omaha is also fabulous. Their sourdough rye is my absolute favorite - so yummy lightly toasted with cream cheese or served warm with butter and homemade strawberry preserves. Their Napoleon torte is also a treat!

Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream? Duh. Chocolate.

Perfect After Sex Food (ASF)? Fig Newtons. Not just a great ASF, but a great anytime food. Sweet, portable, and very yummy. Get out of bed to eat them though.

Butter or Margarine? Butter. It tastes better. Margarine doesn't even enter my house. Seriously - I think the last time I bought margarine was in undergrad. I read an article about trans fat, and decided if it's bad for me and doesn't even taste good, I'm switching back to butter. And I did.

Coffee, tea or neither? I'm really more of a tea drinker by nature, but law school has turned me into a coffee drinker. I still drink it with lots of cream and a fair amount of sugar, but I've started drinking regular coffee and not just mochas. Mainly because it's so much cheaper and my espresso machine sucks.

Sweet pickles or Dill?
Both. I prefer dill pickles about 95% of the time, but every once in a while I just crave those little sweet gherkins. I also like German barrel pickles. I hated sweet pickles until just a few years ago. I don't know what happened to change it.

Stupidest thing a boy told me and I believed? I once dated a guy who was originally from Michigan. I'm pretty sure all Michiganites (Michiganians? Michigonians? Really - what is it?) know Vernor's Ginger Ale - at least I've never met one who didn't. The gentleman in question claimed that his great-great-grandfather developed the original formula and sold it to Mr. Vernor. I'm fairly certain now that's bunkum. In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion that lots of Michigan boys tell that story to try to impress girls from other states. I'm not saying I was impressed - I'm just saying they think they can impress girls that way. Silly boys.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I know the answer should be "attorney," and yes, I really do want to be one. But someday, I would like to learn to be a pastry chef and then open a super-fantastic European style coffee shop/bakery/ice café, where you could buy a simple ice cream cone streetside, or come in and enjoy an absolutely amazing "eis becher." A "becher" is literally a cup, but I guess sundae would be more accurate. Not like any American sundae though. The gelato is not as heavy as American ice cream and the toppings are not as cloyingly sweet. And it's topped with real whipped cream, made fresh. I think I would open a place in a little coastal town. In the summer, the tourists would come for the gelato. In the winter, locals would come for coffee, hot chocolate, tea, and incredible baked goods. Although I would serve primarily German Torte and Kuchen (cake), I would still offer good old American cupcakes, because who doesn't love a good cupcake?

Alright, I've bared my soul here. Now, it's your turn. Answer all, some, or none of the above, but leave a comment. While relevance is always appreciated, random commentary is fine too. Don't make me consult my step-cousin-in-law, THL and borrow whatever she's threatening her readers with these days. You'd all better comment!!! Or else!

For Brian and THL, I'm still working on answers to your questions from the other day. Notice that it's 2:32 and I'm still up. I've been working (mostly) diligently on two of my three papers due this week

Pepsi (diet) -- definitely!
Chunky -- Naturally
Vanilla -- with chocolate topping
ASF -- What's sex?
"It won't hurt"
Grow up? Never!
The kind in the Reese's cups.
White because somewhere I read it has fewer calories.
Ice cream
I block out things like that.
Still chasing something.
I just made a whole post with my answers. Kills two birds with one stone.
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