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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Send Your Good Vibes This Way...Please?

I know I've mentioned before that EC is a smart kid. In fact, she's been chosen as part of the team that will represent her school at the city Global Reading Challenge Semi-Finals tomorrow.

GRC is a program put on by the TVPNM Public Library. Basically, the librarians get together, pick a bunch of books, and then come up with nitpicky trivia questions. The kids have several months to read the books (they divvy them up, so nobody has to read all of them - each kid is an "expert" (hey...just like law school) on 3-4 books.) The kids form teams and hold in school competitions to see which one team will get to represent their school at the City Semi-Finals, where it's narrowed down to 2 teams. These 2 teams go to the City Finals, and the winner plays an internet telecon match against the winning team from Kalamazoo, MI.

EC and her team won their in-school competition about a month ago and have been studying non-stop ever since. Her school won the competition last year, so no pressure. AND her best friend is on the team representing their major rival school.

So, here's what I'm asking for from you all...just think about EC and send some good karma her way. She's an awesome kid. She's smart. And funny. (Just ask E.Spat) But she's totally not coordinated, meaning she never gets to be the star athlete (she played volleyball this year, and it was just painful to watch - and I'm her mom!) Would you wish her some luck in the area where she really has a good chance to be a star? She deserves it...

Pretty please?

Sounds like a fun competition. Sending lots of good-luck vibes to EC!
Ooooh me too. After my miserable showing in Moot Court I need someone who is not a sports god to win an intellectual pursuit!!!
I would have loved to do this as a kid! Hell, I would have read all the books just because. Yeah, I was that annoying.
So, how did she do?!
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