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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A True Legal Quandary

E.Spat mentioned a while back that she was somewhat puzzled by this late night commercial, advertising the services of a local attorney. (Click on the "new" video).

It appears that NOT ONLY does Mr. Fabulous Attorney advertise, he ALSO runs a website. A website that was prominently featured in today's Professional Responsibility class. And you know that old saying "if you can't be a good role model, you can at least serve as a bad example"? Yeah, that's totally what our class discussion focused on because this guy's website looks like a how-to guide on walking the fine line of the Model Rules.

For example:

- Take note that this gentleman does online consultations - for a fee ($25 for 2 questions, $50 for 5).

- AND there's a disclaimer stating that submitting questions for online consultation does not establish an attorney client relationship. (Note the misspellings and grammatical errors on said disclaimer - classy!)

- He's also an author. "She Is NOT Your Friend. A Man's Guide to Understanding Women." Available for the low-low price of $15.95. Also check out the do-it-yourself Child Support Modification book and companion video. T-Shirts too!
- If I'm going to malign judges as being "biased," I always find that a public forum, like, say, a website is the way to go.

The commercials are worth watching for the poor videography alone. Snazzy! Seriously - who thought this was a good idea?

Jeez, you can't help but laugh. This is pathetic!
I just don't get the commercial... I mean.. Jim Saukulow's injury lawyer stuff were cheesy but effective... I can't imagine anyone taking that commercial seriously....what law school graduated this guy? And what bar exam let him pass? Geez... sometimes, when people like that show up... it almost lends credit to the theory of evolution - some men DID come from monkeys...
A quick Lexis search reveals that the esteemed Mr. Gallagher is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound. (Now defunct and merged into Seattle University). Undergrad at Washington & Lee.

Not that I expect you to trust me.
I've got the terrible urge to send him a really wild made-up question, something just begging for an abusively unethical answer, and see what he sends back. Something like "My bitch ex-wife filed a restraining order against me, and I don't want her to get to court. What happens to me if I slash her tires?" Or "Do I have to tell the truth about my drug habit if my ex-wife's attorney asks at the custody hearing?"

Alas, my own bars would probably want to discipline me for something like that (lying and all).
I know I'm almost two years too late, but I had to add my $.02:

As a young college girl back in the early '90s, I worked for J Michael Gallagher as a Legal Assistant. One of the first things I found out about Mike Exq. was that three of his earlier Legal Assistants were suing him for sexual harrassment. One of the next things I found out about good ol' Mike is that he liked to speculate to me what I probably looked like in various lingerie. And grosser (and I do mean grosser) comments were waiting around the corner.

I didn't last six months before I was off in search of less obnoxious employment. At this point, I don't even list that nasty little hiatus on my resume.

He's as slimy as you would expect. Oh wait, should I say "allegedly"?
Briefly "DAted" the slime awhile back. He's a ego-maniac , a sadist , and a lame lay !

True ! J. Michael Gallagher IS a LAME ,LAME ,OH SO LAME LAY !

Rude , PORTLY , dull-witted , and a hair-puller. Wierd. Worst sex on the planet ! He also cares NOTHING for his clients. Frequently comments on how if he wont be making a decent sum of money from the case , He really does NOT care what the outcome is (minimal effort applied)


Wow , You too Huh ? I Agree...

HORIBBLE SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and boring conversation.

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