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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


17 minutes have now gone by and I am still emphatically NOT studying for my PR test tomorrow.

If I were smart, I would just go to sleep.

But I'm not.

If it makes you feel any better, I am up at 5am studying for it...I couldn't stay awake past 11:15 last night and finally gave up and just went to bed with the promise to myself that I would get up early...what a huge mistake.
If your prof is doing your PR exam just like the MPRE with nothing but multiple choice you'll prolly be fine.

Figuring out the YES or NO part is usually easy. Figuring out the reasoning for the YES or NO answer gets to be the tricky part.

Relax and you'll be okay.
*keeps fingers crossed*
I *wish* it had been MPRE style - I'm pretty sure I could have rocked on that. No, our prof used the state essay question style. 3 questions, 20 min each (or 1 question, 60 min - whatever). I think I did ok, but not great. I'm a decent issue spotter, but I'm not great at spouting off the catchphrases I think she'll be looking for, so we'll see.
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