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Monday, May 30, 2005

How Cute is This????

The family left the house super early this morning to go hiking in one of the nearby mountain ranges. I stayed home because Professor Admin assigned a group project Thursday (aka - the day before a holiday weekend when people traditionally go out of town). Two of my three group members departed the area for the weekend, but we've been in touch. The third person has yet to be heard from, although I sent her an email several days ago.

But back to the cuteness, because otherwise the bitterness will just take over and ruin my life.

I just got this email, letting me know that they (the family, not the group members) are on their way home. Thank you, once again, to Mr. Q's employer for providing him with a Blackberry. I'm sure this is exactly what they had in mind.

Hi Mommy,
we (or at least I) had lots of fun.We r about 1 hour away from the ferry. Lil Q kept falling and didn't like how cold her hands were after playing in the snow. We saw 3 does 1 fawn 1 buck and 1 mountain beaver. They r not really beavers, just rodents that look like a cross between a porquipine and a beaver.
U'r family
P.S. This report is typed by Elder Child
P.P.S. We brought a souvinier for you.

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