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Monday, May 30, 2005

A Little Memorial Day Cake Blogging

Tomorrow is Mr. Q's birthday, so I'm baking him a cake. He doesn't like "normal" birthday cake and usually requests "something with apples." Usually I make a pie or apple crisp. This year I thought I would branch out and see if it was possible to make an Irish Apple cake into an ice cream cake. I figure that even if it doesn't totally succeed, it's still apple cake and vanilla ice cream and will taste good anyway.

Turning it into an ice cream cake requires a Springform pan. Prior experience has taught me that the ones with the teflon coating are just way too easy to scratch. Once that happens, you get little flakes of teflon in your cakes. Yummy (and toxic!)

I decided to take no chances and lined my new springform pan with parchment paper.

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Because this pan is a bit smaller than the 9x13 pan I would normally use, I cut the recipe down by one fourth. If the cake totally sucks, it means I divided some fraction improperly. Also - I should have looked at all of the recipe before deciding to divide by one fourth. It's hard to divide 3 eggs by 4.

It was easy enough to cut down 4 cups of apples to 3 though.

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Ok...ready to pop into the oven. Keep your fingers crossed for me that everything works out. Otherwise we might be having apple pie tonight after all.

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Those are butterscotch chips on top, in case you're wondering. The melt down and sort of sink into the cake and make a really yummy topping. I also added chopped pecans on top.

What's the end result like? Any pix?
happy happy happy birthday to Mr. Q!
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