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Friday, September 16, 2005

Special Kind of Stupid

When I am stressed, I eat like there's no tomorrow.

When I am really, really stressed, apparently, I don't eat at all. Like yesterday - I had my cereal at around 7AM and then literally forgot to eat until dinner.

Some comedienne once said it takes a special kind of stupid to forget to eat. I guess that's me. Total food consumed today so far - 1 can of Pepsi and string cheese.

On the plus side, stress also makes me very fidgety. Which, I hear is a good way to lose weight.

If things don't let up soon, between the two, I'll be back down to my pre-EC weight by Christmas...hmmmmmm

Or very sick. Take better care of you! How did everything go? When do you hear? My fingers (and toes!) are crossed. :)
Fidgety or not if you don't eat your metabolism will slow down and losing weight won't happen.
I promise I'm eating!

That was just a day or two where I literally just didn't think about food.

Also, I'm not entirely sure I really need to lose any more weight. I bought a suit two days before my dad's funeral three months ago. It fit fine at the time. When I tried it on this morning, it was practically falling off of my. I had to take it in for emergency alterations!

Bottom line - don't worry - I'm eating. And I know better than to try to starve myself! (Plus I like food wayyyy too much!)

Denise - the interview is on Tuesday. I'm sure I'll post something about it one way or another. I should know something by about Thanksgiving. Maybe sooner.
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