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Friday, November 18, 2005

Is It Just Me...

or is Rupert Grint really the most horrible name ever for an actor?

Did his parents consciously try to find the most truly vile combination possible?

"Let's see...Grint...what first name would really highight the awfulness of that last name? Norbert? No. Horace? No - too mainstream. Herbert? Wasn't there a U.S. President named that? I know - Rupert!!!"

Or, maybe it was a family name and his mother had to agree to name her firstborn son "Rupert" as a condition of marriage. Though, if it had been me, I would have either walked away or tried to compromise and maybe agreed to use it as a middle name. Doesn't "H. Rupert Grint" sound so much better? Even though people who only use initials for their first name are inherently suspect...

On the other hand - I see his middle name is Alexander - a totally nice, normal (read: not ugly) name.

So, maybe it's just his fault.

What I think is REALLY weird about him is that he looks an awful lot like the redheaded dude on Mythbusters...Adam maybe? I can't remember his name right now.
His parents messed up. Norbert Grint would have been much worse. What about Theodore Grint? I think that would be an improvement.
Teddy Grint. I actually like that.

I'm also curious - do people make jokes during the holidays about their family being the "Grints Who Stole Christmas" or something equally awful?
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