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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It's Tuesday!

And you know what that means?

Aside from meaning that I had better finally get my ass in gear and finish that draft of my Environmental Law paper, it means that Boston Legal is on tonight!

I know - I'm a couple years behind in my TV watching, but I just started watching BL this season. I wish that our PR prof had used BL as an in class example, since there seem to be possible (and sometimes clear) ethical violations in every episode of BL - even though Law & Order and certain websites were also entertaining and, oh yeah, educational. Unlike E.Spat, I am not in love with James Spader. To be entirely honest, his character, Alan Shore, has become a bit tedious the past couple of episodes.

But I *do* heart Denny Crane. Which surprises me because I'm not normally a Shatner fan. In fact, I think his acting in almost everything else he's been in has been pretty horrendous. Still, how can you not love an attorney who not only shoots his own client in the kneecaps, but also calls the Judge a douche-bag to his face?

Say it with me now...Denny Crane!

Now back to our regularly scheduled drudgery...

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