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Friday, November 04, 2005

The Naked Truth

E. McPan has a link up to a story about NDC. The upshot of it is that a guy was arrested after ordering coffee at a drive-through restaurant while naked and masturbating. (I have to give the guy some credit for his ability to multi-task. The story even says he paid with his "unoccupied" hand.)

Now, I had a commander once who was well-known for driving to the Burger King on base in his pajamas to get breakfast for the family on the weekends. At least he had the good sense to wear clothes. He probably would not be a flag officer today if he didn't.

But the story reminded me of another friend, who used to be a paramedic. Years ago, he knew or was dating (I forget the details) a female cop. And apparently, this female cop liked to go driving in her cruiser without her clothes, and she invited my friend to come along. So he did. And they both drove around naked. I don't think there was any sex or masturbation involved (or even coffee), but I still think it's a strange image. And I find myself wondering if she wore her weapon or a hat while driving in the buff.

There was also the story of the Southwest airlines pilots who were fired because it was discovered they liked to fly naked.

I also seem to remember (but can't find an article to post) an Air Force crew who was disciplined when word got out that the ENTIRE crew was in the habit of flying naked.

As I was looking for the link, I discovered that there's a whole airline that's all about flying nude.

I'm starting to think that there's a lot more people out there who are pretty comfortable with their nakedness than you'd guess.

I have been known to post naked, but I do that in the privacy of my office. Home office, that is.

If that police officer wore her gun, she probably went by The Naked Gun as a nickname. That's pretty weird, though. How does one start doing their job naked? And getting others to do it too?

If I did that, I'd definitely wear the hat. Did they wear shoes? And socks? Obviously, I'm just an amateur naked blogger.
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