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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

New & Improved Look!

Same Crappy Content.

As I mentioned, my old template had issues and therefore had to be kicked to the curb.

LQ has a whole new look, thanks to a groovy new template I found here.

It took a little tweaking (because I am stooopid when it comes to computers), and the comments link wasn't set up to do trackbacks, but somehow I made it work. Hooray for me!

That said, I wouldn't expect a lot out of me in the very near future - you may have heard I've got a closed book exam to study for...grrrr.

Nice! I like the background. And it looks a lot better in Mozilla than the old template.
lovely! I like the comment popups, too. fall like now in here.
I love it. And it loads like a charm.
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