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Friday, November 25, 2005

Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert!

I took the day off from studying yesterday as part of the Thanksgiving festivities. After eating way too much food and taking a nap, I proceeded to kick Mr. Q's and EC's heinies at Monopoly. We moved on to UNO once Lil Q woke up from her nap.

We gave Lil Q a fistful of cards, which she just sort of put down at random intervals. So it was sort of a combination of regular UNO and concentration, in that you had to remember what card you we actually supposed to be playing off of. Mr. Q decided this could also be a good learning opportunity, and we started announcing the cards we were laying down to reinforce Lil Q's colors and help her learn her numbers.

So Mr. Q laid down a card and announced:

"Red five...standing by"

Lil Q looked up and said "Heyyyyyy...that's my Star Wars!"

That's correct - my three year old recognized a line from Star Wars - a 25 year old movie.

Mr. Q's brainwashing must be working.

oh dear the George Lucas indoctrination seems to be working.
It's true. She is - at this very moment - singing the Star Wars theme loudly.
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