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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Yet Another Thing...

That blows about being a visiting student.

You take things for granted based on your experience at your home school.

For example. I found out about 5 minutes ago that one of my exams is closed book. I am not happy about this. Not about the fact that it is closed book (although that sucks too), but more that the professor never mentioned it. Not once. It's not on the syllabus. He didn't say anything the first day of class. In fact, he never brought the exam up in class at all - other than to say that he doesn't make old exams available. If you were giving a closed book exam, wouldn't you think it'd be a good idea to say so? At least in passing? I know the presumption is for closed book exams at some schools, but all 3 of my other exams this semester are open book, so I think I'm justified in being a little surprised.

Also - this would have totally influenced my decision to sign up for another class with the same professor next semester.

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