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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A PSA for Anyone With A Law Student In Their Life

The season of finals is upon us. While finals schedules actually vary a bit from school to school, it's a pretty safe bet that once Thanksgiving is over, your law student is trying to cram synthesize all the material they've been learning over the past 10 to 15 weeks.

Thanksgiving is over.

This means that now is NOT the time to schedule surprise visits. Do NOT just "drop in" on your law student - you might not like what you see. (Exception - if you're bringing food, it might be ok, but it's still better to call ahead.) Although law students tend to be pretty good at multi-tasking, this skill is currently being completely used up by studying for 3-5 exams and writing whatever ridiculous papers we've been assigned. This means there's very little left over for activities like "cleaning the house", "doing the laundry", "eating nutritional meals", and "personal hygiene".

Landlords. WTF is wrong with you that you would schedule a "periodic" house inspection during this time? One that can't be rescheduled. First of all, the holidays are stressful enough without having you come snoop through the house to make sure I haven't done extensive damage. I understand that you have "fiduciary duties" to the homeowner and everything, but really - you couldn't postpone it til January? After we've all had a little time off?

Friends. Family. I love you and I'm always happy to see you. Well, actually, I'm almost always happy to see you. But do you understand how visiting just now might actually make me more stressed out than I normally am? I'm already living on coffee, chocolate, and multivitamins. What more (or less) do you want? The only other clear cut signs of stress I could take on at this point would be if I started smoking, drinking heavily, and doing drugs. And I just don't think my body could handle that.

I understand (and vaguely remember from my life before law school...ah, those halcyon days) that there are all kinds of wonderful concerts, shows, tree lighting ceremonies, etc. that go on at this time of year. Don't ask us if we want to go. We can't - or at least shouldn't. Remember, if I go and then fail my Commercial Transactions final, it is ALL YOUR FAULT. Now, don't you feel bad? Then just imagine how I feel because my failure in a 4 credit class means that I WON'T GRADUATE THIS YEAR and I'VE JUST WASTED 3 GRAND ON A CLASS THAT I FAILED.

Please consider the above when making your pre-holiday plans.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Turning off the cell phone and bunkering down in the library kept pesky non-law school people away from me. I still had to deal with the pesky law school people, but most of them were going insane like me at the time.

I like to think the forced isolation helped, but then I live alone so it is easier for me to disappear unlike you.
Five? You only have five exams? I have to transfer immediately.
Hehe...I hear ya.
I've been screening my phone calls for the last 2 months.
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