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Monday, November 21, 2005


You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills...

The Quandary brother-and-sister-in-law were in town for part of the weekend. I mentioned once that my SiL is studying to be a chiropractor. She'll be done with her program at about the same time as I find out whether or not I passed the bar exam - bottom line is that we'll both (probably) be unleashed on the unsuspecting public about a year from now.

During their 36 hours in town, SiL did an adjustment on me. I'd never had one before, so let's just say I had some issues. Like remarkably tense back and neck muscles of undetermined origin. (Injury? Poor posture? Stress? All likely candidates...)

I found myself a little bummed that as a law student, I didn't have anything to really exchange with her. You know - if I'd gone to, say, cosmetology school, I could have given her a fabulous cut and color. (That's just an example - I'm not saying she actually needs either of those.)

Sure, I could (and I'm sorry to say, did) offer several exceedingly boring thoughts on a couple of cases, political issues, and the like. I can also play Devil's Advocate with the best of them - but let's face it - nobody really likes that game. Especially non-lawyers.

I don't know that this will change much once I do actually graduate/pass the bar, since we're all trained to answer every question with "it all depends" or "the general rule is "x" but I couldn't give you a good answer without knowing all the details". Not to mention that lawyers seem to be a dime a dozen lately. SiL's other BiL is also a lawyer. In TVPNU, the next door neighbor AND the across-the-street neighbor - both lawyers. I can point out the houses of at least 3 lawyers within a block of our current house. Between these things and the whole restriction on not practicing law in a jurisdiction you're not licensed in, I probably won't ever have much to offer in exchange.

I suppose that's why I cook.

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