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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I'm Considering

Switching to Haloscan for comments.

Here's why I'm thinking about jumping ship: If you click on the trackback link, you'll see that there's a bunch of nonsense there at the bottom.'s probably not technically nonsense. I think it's code that's supposed to be doing something other than sitting at the bottom of my trackback page annoying me, but my extensive cursory non-existent knowledge of HTML is not letting me get rid of it.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on 1) making the switch and/or 2) ways to fix Blogger's comments.

I hate to lose all my existing comments, but I do like that Haloscan lets you rename your comments/trackbacks according to how many there are. Do any of you Haloscan users know of a way to hang onto your old comments while making the switch?

The way to keep your old comments while getting new ones on Haloscan is to change your Blogger comment settings: SHOW existing comments, but the default is that new posts DO NOT have comments. This means existing comments will still show up but new posts won't have the Blogger comment link.

You'll probably also need to manually insert the Haloscan code rather than letting it do it automatically, because that would get rid of the Blogger line of code that will let your old comments show up.

If you want to further make things streamlined, you can take the time (maybe a few posts at a time) to edit your old posts so that the "allow new comments on this post" setting is "NO."

That should do it. If you have more questions, email me. I did this with my old Blogger blog and it went pretty well.
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