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Friday, January 13, 2006

File Under "D" for Dumb

I colored my hair today.

While the dye was seeping into my pores and slowly poisoning me, I had the same thought that I always do while coloring. Namely:

Why is it that boys feel the need to point out little flaws like grey hairs?

I'm not talking about Mr. Q - he's far too bright for that. But Roundboy used to do it regularly, and this summer when I saw B, he leaned over, looked at my hairline reeaaally closely and said "What's that? Is that some grey I see?"


Are boys really that dumb that they don't realize I'm filing it away for later and that paybacks rhyme with witch? Also - why is it always the guys who are losing their hair who insist on commenting on the color of mine?

Though the next time Roundboy says it, I swear to God I'm going to tell him I couldn't help noticing that he's still fat and bald. And that he is sad because he spent 19 years in college and still can't get a job.

So there.

They can't help it...the default setting for guys is "stupid", the ones who aren't (like Mr. Q) are outliers...they're just there to provide the front end of the bell curve.
Some guys are stuck on stupid. Feel free to retaliate at will with the Roundboy.

As an aside, grey hair can be SO HOT! At school we have a 30ish science teacher with half grey/half light blond hair. OH. MY. GOD. is she a beauty. The grey distinguishs her IMHO.

Just my two cents worth.
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