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Monday, January 16, 2006

Tag! I'm It...

Zuska tagged me with this. I feel a strange pressure to get this posted before other people tag the people I'm going to tag...

Four Jobs You've Had:
· Like Zuska, my first job was delivering newspapers. I was 12 or 13. Unlike Zuska, I really enjoyed it. The only day I had to get up early was Sunday, and my dad usually drove me around for that. I didn't like collecting money, but most of the people were pretty nice. All except for the mean old lady who lived on Lillian Street. She was awful.
Also, I got bitten by 2 dogs on my paper route. I've been bitten 3 times, but the other one was owned by the lady across the street from us.
· Telemarketer. Both outbound and inbound. I've made calls for Citibank, Sprint, and Dayton Tire. I can't even tell you all the companies we took calls for on the inbound side, but I will let you in on a couple of secrets to getting rid of telemarketers. Either 1) be very firm from the get-go. Thank them nicely for their time, but tell them you are not interested, say goodbye, and hang up. 2) Listen to their spiel and then say no three separate times. 3) If you don't want to do either of the above, talk to them and then hang up while you are talking. Nobody thinks you'll hang up on yourself.
· Waitress. Pretty much running the gamut. Perkins, an upscale Chinese restaurant, a Sports Bar, a Steakhouse.
· Air Force Officer. By far my best job. Seriously.
Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:
· Say Anything.
· When Harry Met Sally
· The Royal Tenenbaums
· A Room With a View
Four Places You've Lived
· Landstuhl, Germany
· Norfolk, Virginia
· Santa Maria, California
· Seattle, Washington
Four TV Shows You Like to Watch
· Alias
· Boston Legal
· Arrested Development
· Gilmore Girls (but I haven't in a long time)
Four Places You've Been on Vacation
· Vienna, Austria. July, 1999. The trip where Mr. Q met my parents, most of the rest of my family, and was physically threatened by one of my uncles. Mr. Q still asked me to marry him - but not until almost a year later.
· Port Angeles, Washington. In this little bed and breakfast. I still have daydreams about their breakfasts.
· Tuscany, Italy. We stayed at Camp Darby just outside of Pisa. I was 19. Camp Darby was something of a dump, but Tuscany! The scenery! The food! The Mediterranean!
· Paris, France. Once with my parents when I was about 18, and again with Mr. Q for my 30th birthday.
Four Websites You Visit Daily
· Gmail
· Bloglines
· Google
Four of My Favorite Foods
· Chocolate - preferably dark and European.
· French Onion Soup. Which I made from scratch this weekend. Topped with homemade croutons and grated Jarlsberg Cheese, and then broiled. Vanilla Gorilla can vouch for its goodness.
· Cheese. Most kinds.
· Fresh Strawberries. With a generous dollop of vanilla flavored whipped cream.
Four Places I'd Rather Be:
· With my mom and Oma in Germany (and Mr. Q and the kids, of course)
· Any beach.
· Anyplace where my feet will not be eternally cold.
· California
Four Albums I Can't Live Without
I don't know about "can't live without, but here are 4 I really like.
· Erasure - Pop!
· Indigo Girls - 1200 Curfews
· The B-52's - Time Capsule
· Peter Gabriel - So
Four People to Tag With the Lists:
· E. Spat
· Dagny
· Jim
· Frolics & Detours

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