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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Captain Quandary Rides Again

Remember how excited I was about getting a job? But how I didn't really say much about where I would be working? Or really give any details about anything?

Well, now I'm ready to fess up.

I was selected for a direct appointment as an Air Force Judge Advocate.

I didn't want to say much more at the time, because the appointment is contingent on 3 things. 1) I have to graduate from law school, 2) I have to pass the bar, and 3) I have to be medically qualified. So those first two are pretty standard - no legal employer really wants someone who doesn't graduate or can't pass the bar, but not many (any?) civilian employers make their offers contingent on passing a physical.

The bottom line is that I took the physical back in November - and failed. Not because anything was really wrong at the time (in fact, if I can toot my own horn, I'd even say I'm in better shape than all but one of the 18 year olds parading around in their underwear with me that day), but because I required a waiver for something that had popped up years ago.

I got word on Friday that my waiver was approved! So, assuming I both graduate and pass the bar, this time next year, I should be attending the Judge Advocate Staff Officer Course. Whe-woo! I never thought I'd be so happy to visit Montgomery, Alabama.

Captain Quandary*

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Coming to an Unsuspecting Air Force Base Near You ~ 2007.

* Yeah, that's me. Defending justice with my law degree and a cup of coffee in hand. The law degree as proof that I've got it. The coffee because I need it to function.

Congrats! I love the new action figure as well!
woo hoo! congrats!
Yay! Celebrate by popping your collar!
What a shame that hooded sweatshirts by definition don't have collars. I could wear the hood up if you like, though...
Yay! Congratulations!
Congrats! I am applying to do it myself.
That's awesome Dagny.

Maybe I'll see you around the Air Force!
Horray! Captain Quandary... LOL
I want one near my law school too!
YAY!!!! Of course, it's not like I didn't already know this, but I'm still happy it's all legit and public and whatnot!!!!!
I'm sorry I'm late, but huge CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And, unlike E.Spat I didn't have a clue! I knew, however, that this was something that you wanted and it makes me very happy that you're going to get it!
Sorry I'm a little late, but congrats. Yeah. Nice going! I'm jealous!

Strangely enough the army recruiter at work was talking to me about JAG during lunch.
Yeah! I love it! A job and a good one at that. Way to go!
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