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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So Beautiful

I've found myself wondering lately about whether I really want to keep doing this blogging thing. There are times I enjoy it. Other times it feels like yet one more activity I do badly.

Over the last week or so I've even considered just doing more blog reading and [even] less writing. The last couple of months have been a bit rough, and I find that my sense of humor has dwindling in response. And I guess that's part of the reason I started this in the first place - as an outlet for my quirky and (obviously) funny observations about the world. So, it bothers me when I read my archives and find that some of my posts are not really funny or quirky at all, but tend more toward the mean, snarky, whiny, or downright bitchy. Not that all of those things don't have their place - I just don't think they should dominate.

Then I come across something like this, which totally brought tears to my eyes. And it reminds me of the other reason I started blogging - as a way to interact with smart, funny, and talented people. As a way of expanding my little circle of acquaintance and in hopes that every once in awhile, something I wrote would strike a chord with someone else.

I will keep writing. Who knows - maybe in a week or two I'll emerge out of this little funk. (It'll take me at least that long to catch up on all my reading assignments.) But it might also take me a little longer. In an email to Mr. Q earlier today, I said that I was so tired that I was starting to wonder if there was something wrong with me. And then I remembered...Oh wait...I've traveled 8000 miles in the last 10 days, buried my grandmother, met a Supreme Court justice, gone shopping with my daughter for her first bra, and gone to school.* Maybe I SHOULD be tired.

In the meantime, thank you to people like Shell, Denise, E. Spat, E. McPan, and all the others who have left comments, written posts, or sent emails. I hope you'll bear with me as I get back up to speed.

* I should follow up on at least 2 of these at some point. I'd also love any other suggestions for topics...

Well, as people have said to me when I've contemplated quitting blogging -- we're glad you're still with us! :) You're definitely one of my 'blog friends' and I would miss you if you left. Having said that, I also recognize it's inherent selfishness and I encourage you to find the space that best for you!
I know that you have to do what's best for you, but it would be nice if you kept writing. I hope that things start going a little better for you soon!
LQ, your blog is only a partial indication of all the things you have gone through in life, and I am already impressed with all the responsibilities you are able to handle.

There is nothing wrong with not feeling perky or humorous all the time. Life isn't a 24/7 sitcom and no one's life is "that" interesting all the time.

Isn't it enlightening to look back at some of your older posts and wonder, "Gee, I wonder what made me feel that way?" Or, "Wow, I haven't been that angry for a long time..."

You have made your blogging friends cry with you, laugh with you, shake their heads with you, taken aback by some of the things that's going on...but LQ, you always have a place in our heart, whether it's your good day or bad day, rain or shine.
You are one of the better bloggers - I sincerly hope you continue. How can you say that blogging is "yet another thing you do badly?" I think that's perhaps some residual insecurity rather than a reflection of the true state of affairs.

Please don't stop.
MLP - as much as I appreciate the complement, I'm not sure I can legitimately count myself among the "better bloggers."

As far as "yet another thing I do badly" goes - that's just my code phrase for "something I would probably be decent at if I put time and effort into, but just can't at the moment." So for example, if someone asks me if I play softball, I say "yes" because technically, I am capable of playing softball. And I have enough natural talent that I could probably be decent at it if I tried. But I have enough other things competing for my attention, that I never DO put the effort into it. So I have lots of sports I play badly.

I will admit that I freaking rock at both Scrabble and Air Hockey though.
::sigh:: Wouldn't you know you'd rock at Scrabble? I used to be pretty good at Scrabble -- still am against normal people -- but my kids have now gotten to where everyone of them can beat me while reading a novel. They have their mother to thank -- she is the queen of Scrabble. Then, my last partner was almost as good as my kids are (needless to say I didn't play her often) and now my wife is just as good as the kids. I would really LOVE to play a game of Scrabble with someone who didn't just blow my doors off all the time! :)
okay - in order to avoid having you over-analyize anything, we'll just say: You are the blogger that I enjoy reading the most.

Re "if I put the time & effort into it." Isn't that what life's all about??
Take care. MLP
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