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Friday, February 03, 2006

Did I Miss Something?

Did the popped collar polo shirt come back into style in my short foray out of the country?

I saw someone at school wearing one the other day and figured he 1) was a 1L who just didn't know any better, 2) didn't realize his collar was popped, or 3) was attempting to make an ill-advised fashion statement. Bottom line - I thought it was some kind of mistake.

Then today, I ran to Target and saw that they were advertising their polo shirts with the collar popped.

The urban dictionary suggests that this trend is not likely to be widespread.

One can only hope.

Had you not noticed all the Germans with their collars popped? I swear I saw more people with popped collars during the fall I spent in Hamburg than I have since 1985. All that was missing for the complete flashback was the Jams shorts...
hahahaha! Nope didn't see a single one.

On the other hand, it was too damned cold for anyone to be walking around wearing much less than a parka.

I'll be sure to keep my eye out for the Jams shorts when I return this summer...
I hope someday the "wrong buttons" or "backward pants" would be popular, b/c it has already happened two times too many this month. LOL
Oh man, popped collars are EVERYWHERE -- I saw so many in D.C. I thought I was back in freaking high school.
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