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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I Love The Smell of Capitalism in the Morning

I just remembered that today is the annual Starbuck's Shareholders meeting.

Obviously, I won't be attending this year. I went last year, and thought they put on a great show. I had just taken Bus Orgs, so I thought it would be interesting to see what really goes on at a Shareholder's meeting. I was sure it couldn't possibly be as mindnumbing as Bus Orgs made it sound. Happily, I was right!

Turns out, it's kinda like a pep rally to make you feel good about investing your money, with about 15 minutes of actual business thrown in to make it count. Entertainment! All the free (well...we all know it's not actually free) coffee you can suck down! Treats! Goodie bags! And barristas handing out special Shareholder's edition Starbucks cards...something I'm sorry to say we didn't catch onto until the very end.

I don't know how other companies run their meetings, but it's worth investing in Starbucks just to go to the meeting. The stock split last year also didn't hurt...

So, here's to you, Starbucks. I'm drinking my Venti 3-pump extra hot skim (no whip) mocha in solidarity. Now, get out there and sell some coffee!

Why does the fact that you are a Starbuck's stock holder not surprise me one bit??

Sadly, it's not as grand as it might seem.

Several years ago I got frustrated with my stockbroker and figured a monkey could pick better stocks than he could. So I stopped my automatic payments to him, saved up $5K, opened up a brokerage account, picked 5 stocks, and plunked a grand into each of them. Starbucks was one of my 5 picks - and by far the best performer.

But you're right - it does make total sense for me to be a shareholder. I just wish I owned more.
I just want to say that I love capitalism, and coffee from Starbucks! :)

I think you and I have a lot in common. Someday we'll have to get together and compare notes. :)
Saving up the five grand seems to be the hard part... especially for a student?
I'll admit it took a little while - but the saving part took place while I had an income, so it wasn't terribly painful.

I've been luckier than most law students, in that Mr. Q's earnings cover the day-to-day expenses. My grandparents also had the foresight to buy me savings bonds which would come mature just in time to fund my IRA during law school. Smart people, my grandparents...
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