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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Life Imitating...Something

My former father-in-law used to joke about Roundboy's older brother:

"He's the kind of guy who would look for Velveeta in the gourmet food aisle."

It was an apt description, and mildly amusing the first couple of times I heard it.

I went to the store a few days ago to pick up a few items - among them, Jarlsberg cheese, to make French Onion Soup. (Jarlsberg usually lives in the snobby cheese section in front of the deli, and not in the refrigerated aisle with the Kraft and Sargento.)

A lady standing nearby picked out a package of feta and asked me, "Do you know if this is the same thing as Velveeta?"

I know I AM a food snob, but I didn't want to sound like a food snob - especially since she seemed like a perfectly pleasant person. I nicely tried to direct her - and realized I don't really know where they keep the Velveeta. I think I wound up mumbling something about "over with the other processed foods."


there's some kind of anti-processed foods mood on the internet today ... think it's something in the water?
Velveeta is tricky. Sometimes they place it in the refrigerated section. Sometimes they place it in some random aisle. They need to add "Velveeta" to the aisle headings in stores.
Velveeta is the food of the gods!
Oh you should have rocked her world and told her that it was made out of sheep's milk. She probably would have dropped it and ran away. :)
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