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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hooray for Spring Break!

Hooray for office "just because" barbeques. And for people who are cool enough to go out of their way to invite you even though your husband is out of town. Double hooray for spousal co-workers who are so cool that they invite you to German beer call on Thursday too!

Hooray for girlfriends! Double hooray for girlfriends who come over and bring wine. And let me cook for them. You know - I've never understood why I'm not more popular...all it really takes to be my friend is to bring me wine and let me cook. Who wouldn't want a friend like me??? (On the menu tonight for those who are interested...roasted chicken with cherry orange sauce, brown and wild rice with cranberries and almonds, and green bean casserole (b/c I was craving it). For dessert - chocolate cherry cake with vanilla ice cream.)

It was so nice to spend the evening chatting with someone I was stationed with as a lieutenant! It made me remember how much I liked having military friends, and how small the Air Force really is. Also - number of glasses of wine it took for me to shout out "effing whorebag" at the mention of a particular person's name and the fact that she is now sporting silver oak leaves? Approximately 1.5. Who knew?

Seriously though, I've been kind of mopey all weekend between all the dying that's gone on around here lately, and Mr. Q being out of town. Turns out all I needed to cheer me up was an old friend to talk to, some good food, and half a bottle of wine.

That's awesome! We can all use more of that! I've been mopey myself and a raspberry mojito and good Mexican food with a friend cheered me right up!
I am still a few weeks away from spring break. *SIGH*

I wanna have one of thse get-together party too! I love food, esp. free food from LQ! :D (All I ask for is a little piece of cheesecake.)
Hmmm...I'll have to work on the cheesecake. I confess I've never made an "American" (read New York style) cheesecake. I'm actually partial to European cheesecake - and I can't even come close to what my Oma and mom make...mmmmm.

Also, I'm somewhat handicapped by the fact that no one in my house likes cheesecake. Crazy, right?

If you like though, I can make a kick-ass Zebra Brownie - really dense chocolaty brownie swirled together with cheesecake. Topped with sugar and almonds. Let me know if that'll do.
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