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Monday, February 27, 2006

Just Call Me Auntie Q

So a big congrats to my SiL and BiL on their happy news! Lil Q is already excited about a cousin, even though I'm pretty sure that she has no idea what one is. Though she's also taken up asking for a baby sister lately, so maybe she knows more than she lets on.

I've never really been an aunt. I'm an only child, and although technically, Roundboy's sister and brother both had kids while we were still married, I'm pretty sure we were mostly estranged (or at least strained) by that point. I seem to recall going to at least one baby shower. Anyway, I've never actually gotten to BE an aunt before. Wild. I foresee a purchase of one of these in the semi-near future.

It's kinda nice to have some happy news to report again.

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