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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Laches Key Kid

Even the most mind-numbing case books occasionally throw in a semi-interesting celebrity case. In honor of our study of Stone v. Williams, 873 F.2d 620 (2nd Cir. 1989) this morning, here's a really short clip of Family Tradition.

Judging by the nature of this case, the lyrics might not be exactly false. (Hank Williams Jr's half sister, born out of wedlock 5 days after Hank Williams, Sr. died, is suing over her share of copyright renewal rights.)

Even so, this song brings back some good memories of one of my Air Force training classes, and always makes me smile.

Country music singers have been a real close family,
but lately some of my kinfolks have disowned a few others and me.
I guess its because I kind of changed my direction.
Lord I guess I went and broke their family tradition.

They get on me and want to know Hank why do you drink?
(To get drunk.)
Why do you roll smoke?
(To get high.)
Why must you live out the songs that you wrote?
(To get laid.)
Over and over everybody makes my predictions.
So if I get stoned, I'm just carrying on
an old family tradition.

I am very proud of my daddy's name
all though his kind of music and mine ain't exactly the same.
Stop and think it over. Put yourself in my position.
If I get stoned and sing all night long its a family tradition.

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