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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Little PSA For You Boys

Yup, we're heading toward the end of the academic year. Finally. This means that there's all kinds of Advocacy competitions going on. And job interviews. Consequently, people are showing up at school in suits.

Last year, I mentioned that for you ladies, wearing fishnets with your business suit is probably not the most intelligent fashion choice. Never let it be said that LQ doesn't give equal time to the gentlemen.

Boys - Fix your ties!

Seriously - about half of you are walking around with ties that are either too long or too short. Haven't any of you heard about the belt buckle rule? Don't any of you have mothers? Wives? Girlfriends? Female friends?

Look, I will be the first to tell you that I am far from a fashion maven. For 7 years, I wore a uniform to work. I wear jeans to school 95% of the time, BUT when the occasion calls for it, I clean up well and know the general rules for wearing business attire. If you are in law school and are in any way unsure about what clothing is appropriate, or how to wear the appropriate clothing, do yourself a favor and look it up now. As unfair as it is, how you dress affects your credibility.

As an Anonymous commenter points out:
Yes, some of the photos are awful and a bit dated. I was basing the link more on the information and not the photos and I LOOKED for other ones with the same info but better pix without success. However - if anyone knows of any sites WITH good photos, I'll be happy to post them.

ok this is daughter again. wow i think that it is amazing that you are going to law school and being a mother at the same time. but i can tell you this. i dont know how old your daughters are but when they have endured all of middle school and are on there third and final year exeptions are made 4 when they r feeling...not so good. like wearing PJs to school.
I don't know if it's my system or not, but I can't read your blog! The column on the left overlaps the main text column. :(
Oh my god! Have you seen the two formal attire samples at ? I wanted to scream in horror. But im at the office, i dont want to worry my bos.
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