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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New Cell Phone!

Our old cell phone died last week. May it rest in peace. I thought about posting it when it happened, but wanted to dissociate myself from the whole "Angel of Death" image. Also, in light of the past 8 months, a dead cell phone seemed pretty minor.

Mr. Q and I shared the old phone, and whoever was traveling took it with them so that we could always have a way to contact one another. This worked fine because his last couple of jobs have been in locations where there's no cell service anyway - so it totally made sense for me to be the one the schools call in case one of the kids is sick, etc. Of course, Mr. Q had HIS voice message on there, so about half the time people wouldn't leave ME messages because they were confused as to why this guy was answering my phone. I meant to get around to changing that...

I'd had some suspicions that the phone was on its last legs for quite a while. The reception has been spotty for a while. Then the battery life started to go. Toward the very end, it was hard to even get calls to go through. I noticed this last part on my most recent trip to Indiana where I could only talk if I stood in exactly the right part of the building - and usually with the phone pressed up against the nearest window. Mr. Q didn’t really believe me until he started out on his drive to find our next house last Thursday and there was nothing. No battery life. No reception. Nada. Zip.

So, he stopped on his way out of town and bought a new phone to replace the dead one - PLUS a second phone for me so we could both have one! (And join the 21st century.)

Our old phone included a camera, but we never used it after the first month b/c the pictures were pretty low quality and expensive to send. The new phone is pretty simple, but I like it anyway. A couple of nifty new ringtones, text messaging, and speakerphone capability. Really all I need.

So if you've got my old cell number, email me and I'll give you the new one. Unless you want to talk to Mr. Q.

For the record, he's a lot nicer than I am.

Your cell phone is pretty cool. Bright blue? Let me know if the simple feature works out.

Thanks for your support, LQ. You're like the big sister I've never had.
Aw, shucks. *blush*

I do what I can for friends - and you've done the same for me.
I need your new number! I just got back from Vancouver so I just read about this today.
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