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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

No, But I Play One on TV

I went to Starbucks this morning for my Wednesday mocha. I've been ordering the exact same thing for a couple of years now, so I just rattled off what I wanted.

The barrista stopped, looked at me closely, and asked "Are you a partner?"

(Translation: Do you work at Starbucks?)

After I said no, she told me that I called the drink so well she thought I must have worked there.

Good to know that there's always the possibility of employment at Starbucks. (Don't think I haven't considered it - discounts on merchandise, more stock, learning how I'm really supposed to be making espresso drinks.)

Of course, I'm pretty sure most law school soon-to-be-graduates could pick up on how to call a drink after a day an hour or two of paying close attention. I mean, many of us pick up the law by surfing the web in class and studying someone else's outline for a couple of days before the final. The social skills part might be a challenge though...

20 hours a week and you get BENEFITS!!! Medical, dental, vacation time, 401K. Talk about a full meal deal for part time work.

Why didn't they call me back :-(
I need a job. I've been shooting for a law job, but maybe I'll start drinking coffee just in case...
So here's the question...when I order a tall non-fat chai latte am I in the ballpark or just spouting gibberish? :)
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