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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Translation Please

Can anyone else understand this paragraph? I admit mystification on my part.

"At this writing, because discarded tires have a negative value, the tires' "owner" has to pay someone to haul them away. An inventor may develop a profitable way to make computer gizzards out of old tires, transmogrifying thousands of tire dumps from fire hazards into goldmines. But don't hold your breath."*

I think what they're saying is that in the future someone might come up with a higher use for old tires so that they're seen as an asset rather than a liability.

But computer gizzards? Why would a computer need digestive organs? I'm so confused.

* My Remedies book, in case you're wondering.

Maybe they meant gizmos?
Could be. I was thinking they might mean innards too.
It's either gizmos, or maybe you could turn old tires into computer gizzards. Rubber + nanotechnology = gizzards?
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