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Friday, April 21, 2006

Which is Worse?

Getting dumped by your prom date shortly before prom...or your mom putting up an ad for a date on Craigslist?


I know people whose parents have put up web ads for potential SPOUSES... without telling them.
I think that's a completely legitimate reason for never speaking to your parents again.

But seriously - being willing to fork over up to $800 for your kid to go to a high school function seems a little...sad? misguided? insane?

I got dumped by B in February of my junior year. He took someone else to him prom and I didn't go to mine. And you know what? I survived.
why can't he go stag? He doesn't know the person - how much fun can this be?
I went with a group of friends to prom - we just happened to be partnered up for pictures. At the dance no one stayed together as "dates".
That is sad that he can't just go with some friends or find a friend himself.
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