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Monday, May 08, 2006

Fun To Be Had By All

It's almost time for my test o' doom.  Yes, Federal Income Tax starts in mere minutes.

Our prof decided to be extra special magnanimous and allow us to take the test anywhere in the building.  But unlike my "real" school, you don't get 5 minutes "walking time" for the time it takes to get from "anywhere" to the "test room," so there's nothing quite like a bonus that actually turns into a penalty.  Of course, that's pretty much what Tax is all about.

I was going to avoid the penalty by just sitting in the exam room anyway, but it turns out that Prof Tax only reserved the room for 4 hours.  For a 5 hour exam.  So people sitting in the exam room will have to move at the 4 hour point.


The Post Mortem Report:

By the time I picked up my test, they'd figured out some kind of solution to the whole room switching/walking time thing. The test itself was O.K. I don't really have any feelings about it other than I'm pretty sure I passed.

One down. 2 and a paper to go.

Wait a minute. Don't tell me another exam is scheduled right after your's in the test room? I hope you don't have to move because that would just be silly.

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