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Monday, May 01, 2006

So There I Was...

Engrossed - yes, completely enthralled by Section 165 and its allowances and denials of casualty loss deductions when I checked my Bloglines.

And what, to my delight, did I find?

A new post by THL.

In itself, that's not so remarkable. (Except that she used to post a lot more frequently, but then, so did I. I blame school.)

But her post led me to check *my* fate via the Fantod. My card, the Waltzing Mouse, actually gives me quite a bit of insight into my life of late. Particularly the parts about "involuntary seclusion" (again, I blame school), "a hazardous project" (what else can you call outlining for Federal Income Tax?), and "a betise" (I'll admit, had to look that one up, and whaddya know - the story of my life!)

BUT MOST insightful was "morbid cravings." No - it doesn't mean cravings for things that are morbid - rather, it refers to the emergence of an addiction. We all know I'm already addicted to coffee, but studying sort of makes me addicted to food. It's like I can't shovel it in fast enough. Even after I've been chowing down more or less all day, I feel like I'm starving. I thought I had a tapeworm or something. Instead, I find out it's just fate.

Speaking of tapeworms, my cat Lance had to go to the kitty dentist the other day. Whilst there, the vet discovered he (Lance, not the vet) had tapeworms. When I asked how one goes about diagnosing such a condition, the vet told me that when they took Lance's temperature prior to sedation (and we all know where they do that), the tapeworm winked at him. I know he was joking, but there's an image I just didn't need. I've got to learn to stop asking questions.

Also...and this is necessary you know...

And don't forget the requisite "OOOOOOOOH" when I tell you where I was!
Oh man. Tapeworms have eyes?
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