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Saturday, May 06, 2006

No Wonder It Sounded Familiar

I'm within 48 hours of my first exam. A five hour final for tax. Five H-O-U-R-S. Who does that? I mean, at that point, why don't you just make it a take home final and be done with it? Seriously, any exam where you have to pack a meal is just too damned long.

As I'm printing out all the notes I've ever taken in that class AND all the notes anyone else took for me while I was gone being all funereal, I thought one of the funeral batch looked really familiar. So familiar that I could recall the professor talking about the stuff. As if I had been there. It even "sounded" like notes I would take.

And then I realized that they were, in fact, my own notes, which I had copied into Word and sent to a friend on a day she missed.

If you need me in the next 36 hours - I'll probably be at Starbucks. Where they make you pay for internet. And although I'll cheerfully fork over $4 for coffee, I am way too cheap to pay for wireless.

FYI, Deidrick's offers free wireless internet and student discounts but they don't like it when you bring in a Starbuck's mug.

--The Wuster
Yeah - the whole point of going to Starbucks is that I can just sit there for hours nursing a single mocha. (Who are we kidding - coffee hold 0 interest for me once it's cold.) The whole reason I'm going to Starbucks instead of my local library though is because I DON'T want wireless. Because I am undisciplined. Not to mention lazy.

I can understand why another coffee shop would have a problem with Starbucks mugs. On the other hand - I don't use their travel mugs as a means of advertising, but because I feel bad about generating a lot of trash w/ the paper cups. Also because their travel mugs are actually decent, as opposed to 1) Westlaw mugs, 2) Lexis mugs, 3) BarBri (which Mr. Q lovingly refers to as "Bribery") mugs.
Good luck!!!!!
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