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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

LQ's Question of the Day

After giving myself an entire day off yesterday, it's back to the Bar/Bri grindstone today. It's Day 1 of Con Law today, so you'll be doing a public service by playing along.

You've got a roll of SweeTARTS. Do you just eat them in the order they come out of the roll, or do you have some sort of color hierarchy?

In my world, it's pre-2001 before Nestle arbitrarily switched out the very yummy lime green for the vastly inferior and frankly just yucky green apple. In order: purple, green, orange/yellow (tie), pink, blue. These days, I pick out the offending green ones right away and toss them. I hang onto the pinks and blues in case I need to mainline sugar in an emergency, but usually end up giving or throwing them away in the end.

So...what's it gonna be? Are you a random SweeTART eater? Or do you have some sort of order? Does the order in which one eats SweeTARTs mean anything? Do any SweeTARTS go uneaten? And most importantly - is there anyone who'd be willing to trade their purples, oranges, and yellows for my pinks and blues? I'll even throw in the green ones for nothing.


I don't eat SweetTarts - I prefer Spree. But I always eat them one at a time out of the roll because otherwise the roll will get all torn and messy and Sprees will start to fall out everywhere, and that would be bad.

SMARTIES, however, I usually clump into their colors and then whittle(nibble?) the groups down until they are all the same size. But only real Smarties - knock-off smarties taste terrible.
I don't eat them often, but I eat anything that comes in a roll like that (i.e. Spree, Lifesavers, etc.) in the order they come in, except for Smarties.
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