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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Little Ranting Between Classes

  1. Tax Law Generally
  2. The fact that Federal Income Tax will be the last class I ever attend during law school.  Not that Remedies would be a better way to end things.
  3. The fact that I will commute 45 minutes each way to come to 1 class each on Wednesday and Thursday.
  4. The fact that coming to school Thursday seriously cuts into my dress shopping time.
  5. The fact that Professor Tax is reading us her outline as a review BUT will not give us a copy of said outline because "it's available out there - you just have to use your resources."  Which is fabulous if you're one of the cool law review kids and/or HAVE connections.  For those of us who haven't been here for 3 years, it's a little more challenging.  So thanks for that.
  6. The fact that someone decided to print a 300+ page treatise on the shared printer without making sure there was enough paper to print it - you suck.  Yeah - it's the week before finals - obviously no one else is trying to print anything today.  Also - if you need to print the treatise at this point, you might be beyond help.  Just so you know. 
  7. Oh yeah, and to the guy lighting up your cigarette right outside the door - you also suck.  While I generally support your right to smoke (I DO think it's remarkably stupid and self-destructive, but then so is my affinity for a well-made cheeseburger), I don't support your right to belch any of your toxic fumes my way.  So move your f**king ass away from the door!  At least my cheeseburger only blocks my own arteries. 

*Experimenting with the whole submit via email thing....

Re Professor Tax: What an ass!!!
PS Don't you owe us a new picture??
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