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Monday, June 19, 2006

Birthday Cookie Blogging

EC's party went pretty well on Saturday. Instead of doing the traditional birthday cake, we decorated cookies. (It's an activity! It's a treat!) It was kind of like painting pottery except much, much cheaper, tastier, and immediately gratifying.

I made lots and lots of sugar cookies and turned about 2 pounds of powdered sugar into icing. This was my first experiment with gel food coloring to get the really intense colors - pretty cool even if they are probably chock full 'o bad stuff. I had 2 bowls of white icing, bottles of colored icing, assorted sprinkles and sugars, paintbrushes, and toothpicks for designs. Some of the kids just glopped on tons of white icing and dumped a ton of sprinkles on. (ugh! so disappointing!) Others really took their time and tried to be creative.

I wanted to put the colored icing into squeeze bottles with nozzles, but couldn't find any. I ended up using empty paint bottles (Unused - I bought them at a craft store!) Here are some of the cooler designs.

Wow! How old were the kids making these cookies? They are quite crafty and creative. I sure as heck can't do that!
Most of the "kids" were 11 or 12. There was one 30 something kid who kept going after all the other kids got bored. :S

EC made the sunshine one. One of her friends did the one with blue squiggles.

I taught them all how to add color and then drag a toothpick through to make designs - many spider web & tie-dye designs rapidly ensued.
Excellent idea
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