Legal Quandary

Thursday, June 15, 2006


*Ring, Ring!*

Caller: Hello! Is this Ms. Quandary?!!!
LQ: Yes....
Caller: This is Office Worker from Bar/Bri! How are you today?
LQ: Ok. I was actually just listening to my Community Property lecture.
Caller: Oh! Well I'll be quick then! I was just calling to see how Bar/Bri is working out for you this summer and to check if you had any questions.
LQ:Actually, now that I've got you on the phone, I *did* email in a Writing Program exercise last week and was curious when I'd be seeing some feedback on it.
Caller:A what? A writing sample?
LQ: No. The Writing Program exercise that was assigned for last week. I turned it in. We're supposed to get feedback. I was wondering when that would be.
Caller:Hang on a second. (Puts me on hold)
Caller's Supervisor: Hello. Is this Ms. Quandary?
LQ: *sigh* Yes.
Supervisor: So, you were asking about a writing sample?
LQ: A Writing Program exercise. Three essays. Look, it's not a big deal. I just turned it in last week like I was supposed to, but since you were calling, I thought I'd ask when I might expect feedback.
Caller's Supervisor: What bar are you taking?
LQ: Washington.
Caller's Supervisor: DC?
LQ No, Washington state.
Caller's Supervisor:Oh! This is Bar/Bri from Washington DC! Just disregard this call!

LQ:*to myself* called ME!

Hey - I was sorry we couldn't meet up while you were out here! How is that WA state bar prep going anyhow???

(I will take my answer offline :) )
Do you have bananas? Is there someone I can talk to about coffee grounds? Will you mail me dryer lint?

Conversations with insane people should include at least one of these phrases; try to work one in next time Bar/Bri calls.
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