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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Do You Ever Feel Like

No matter what you do, no matter how diligently you work, no matter how disciplined you are about not playing on the internet instead of writing're still somehow destined to be behind?

Lately I feel like I do nothing but study. I know it's not strictly true. After my 6 question Simulated Exam, I sat and read a novel for awhile. Mr. Q and I even took some time to chat last night. And I did put up that song lyric meme (still plenty of songs left...) But I still feel like bar review is sucking out whatever was left of my soul after law school was done.

I write essay after essay after essay. I turn them in and get very little feedback. This bothers me because I can see that I missed issues by looking at the model answers just as well as the damned graders can. What I'm looking for is help getting as many issues into a tiny amount of space as possible without getting marked down for "weak analysis."

Anyway, I didn't mean to turn this into a whine-fest. I emailed one of my friends about my general feelings of inadequacy/unpreparedness. She responded:
You are exactly on track for bar passage at this point. That is how you are supposed to feel at this point in this sadistic/masochistic process.

What I want to know is - when does that feeling go away?

Of course, these feelings of unpreparedness are not going to stop me from taking a road trip to see the new house this weekend. (We're moving right after I get back from taking the bar.) I can listen to lectures and make flashcards in the car, right?

And now back to our regularly scheduled CrimLaw flashcard writing....

Update: I guess there *are* other people who feel the same way. A big welcome to everyone who got here via 2006 Bar Exam.

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