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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Study Break

If you're not reading Legal Underground (and you should be), you missed out on a link to an entertaining article by Jeremy Blachman about taking the bar exam. I think it'll go behind a subscription wall after today, so if you're at all interested, you should read it now.

A related anecdote from one the Bar/Bri sales pitches during law school.... Apparently during one of big state (CA? NY? IL? I don't recall) bar exams in recent history, a female test taker got up in the middle of the exam and ran out of the room shouting, "I'm a covenant and I'm running with the land!"

Bar Exam stress will make you do some crazy shit.

I had always heard it was NY down at the Javits, which is effectively a giant cavernous room in the convention center. I've always wondered if it was an urban law legend though.
It's so weird reading about the Bar Exam. I totally did my reading last year, and now I'm all "Barred" out, even though I'm not even taking it.
Yeah. Just think how much fun it'll be when you have to do it for real.

One of my friends (a nurse married to a doc) mentioned a while back that the whole point of med school and law school is to determine how much pain you're really willing to go through for the profession.

At least med school prepares you to take your boards.
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