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Friday, July 28, 2006

Rite of Passage

The bar exam is over.

And just like after some other rites of passage, I feel bewildered, anxious, and a little violated.

Headed back east today to clean house and then drive to the new home.

Mr. Q had the moving experience from HELL yesterday. I almost feel like I got the better end of the deal by taking the bar.


I can't read the post (well not all of it anyway) but I take it you survived the dreaded bar exam. Congratulations!

I'm sorry we missed an opportunity to meet while I was in DC. I take the blame. I hope we get another chance.

I also hope you kicked some serious booty on that exam!

Now, take some time off and RELAX! (Like a mother of 2 can ever really do that....)
Relax the best you can. It's all over now :-)
Denise - I'm at a friend's house looking at this (no internet at home anymore), and I TOTALLY see what you mean now!

I'll work on that...when I get back from Germany.

Won't be much to read before then anyway...
Hey - I totally sent you an email!! I am home in Oregon until Tuesday...when do you go to Germany again?
LQ... I just found your blog... cool. I used to blog myself. I just took the bar last Feb (in TX) but I'm waiving into DC, 'cuz that looks like its where I'm gonna practice. Anyway, congrats! I hope you were able to sit back, relax and enjoy your post-exam life!
Congrats on surviving!
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