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Monday, December 04, 2006

CINC* Social

I received my first assignment today.

Am I researching a novel problem? Learning how to write a will or power of attorney? Interviewing witnesses for an upcoming case?


I got tagged with setting up the office Christmas party.

Seeing as how it's the 4th of December and nothing has been done on this so far, I'm hoping that expectations will be realistically low.

I just knew that being a Protocol officer was going to pay off one of these days!

* That's Commander IN Chief for you non-military types.

Get to it Captain Quandary! Let it snow with full cups of eggnog.
Think chicken...lots and lots of chicken...
Anonymous - bwahahaha!

That reminds me that as soon as I have email set up I need to email a certain 2 star to let him know that Chickenlady is back!
That's what you get for bringing in cookies.
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