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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Dear Jetta!

Happy 100,000th mile!

Yes, I've been driving the same car for quite a while. I bought it used in December 1999 with 20,008 miles on it. My Jetta has now "lived" in 4 different states, and been driven here, there, and everywhere.

Oh yeah, it's also paid for.

100,000 miles. Heck you're just getting started.

Ye olde Ranger went to 180,000 before I retired it.

With the exception of the small back seats I very much like your model of Jetta. Little slab sided German frigates of the road they are.
Happy Birthday to ur Jetta from me too..hope gives u greater coverage of miles in the near future...since u have created a blog to honor ur vehicle..why dont u make it more colorful by posting an ecard?? I have a good collection of birthday ecards in my blog..u can have a look at them if u want :)
Hyundai. 7 years old. Over 130k. Chrysler. 12 years old (used). Got it at 35k. Its over 100k. Plus we've got an old pick up with milage in the 70's.

I think we drive our cars too hard.
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