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Friday, February 16, 2007

Sweet Home Alabama

Maybe it's just the channel I'm watching on TV, but wouldn't you think that the ad agencies could de-conflict the songs they're using? There's at least 2 (and maybe 3!) commercials using the Lynyrd Skynyrd standard. Since it's network TV, this means this delightful little ditty is playing approximately every 2.3 minutes.

On a somewhat related note...why does Wendy's think that "Blister in the Sun" is a good song to promote food? It's a rocking song and all, but Blisters aren't exactly appetizing. Sun-drenched or otherwise.

So THIS is what happens when my generation gets to be in charge of stuff.

I've totally been wondering the same thing about Wendy's using Blister in the Sun. Crazy!
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