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Sunday, February 11, 2007

How Could I Have Been So Wrong? And For So Long?

I made a trip to the cosmetics section of my local department store to pick up my Lancome mascara today.

Things were a little slow and I had a bit of time to kill, so I started wandering around looking at the perfumes. I'm VERY picky about smells (surprise!) and immediately hated about 90% of what I sniffed. I'm usually very careful not to let anyone spray anything on me because, well, I know I'm likely to hate whatever it is - sometimes to the point where it will actually make me physically ill. It's no wonder that I've been wearing the same perfume for the past 11 years. So some of my relationships with toiletry items have outlasted many of my relationships with people, what of it???

I guess I was feeling either a little reckless or nostalgic this afternoon, because I spritzed a little Estee Lauder Beautiful on my wrists. Aside frome an extremely ill-advised and short-lived experiment with White Diamonds during Officer Training School, this is the only perfume I wore before I started my current long-term fragrance relationship.

Blech! Pfui! What the HELL was I ever thinking??? This stuff is AWFUL and I can't get rid of it now! I've washed and changed clothes, but I think it got on my gloves and the sleeves of my coat, so I'll either have to do (more) laundry or just put up with it - aarrgh!

I think I'm in olfactory hell.

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