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Friday, July 08, 2005

2 Cars, 2 Cats, 2 Kids, Volume 2

Greetings from Sheridan, Wyoming. We've extended our stay here for a few extra hours because Mr. Q discovered late last night that his radiator had "issues." Meaning it had several pinhole-sized punctures. And I guess driving through the mountains will alert you to that condition every time.

At any rate, we should be headed to South Dakota in a couple of hours, albeit several hundred dollars poorer. The Quandary kids aren't terribly disappointed by the delay - they're down at the pool right now. The Quandary cats are just glad they're not stuck in that &*^%# car.

We spent most of yesterday and a part of the evening before at Yellowstone. A few select photos:
Image hosted by
One of the Geyser basins - it took me hours to get the taste of sulphur out of my mouth after breathing the air around here.

Image hosted by
The obligatory Old Faithful photo.

Image hosted by
The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

Image hosted by
Lower Falls.

Image hosted by
Random photography of rock formations in Wyoming. Still, pretty amazing, huh? We live in a beautiful country, folks.

Apparently there's a motorcycle rally in town this week, so the parking lot of the hotel is filled with...well, motorcycles. Harleys, Goldwings, and all those other big, noisy, bikes I'm not at all familiar with. Tube tops, ill-advised tank tops, cut-off shirts, large belt buckles, and leather accessories abound. That said, everyone here has been unfailingly nice - especially to the Quandary kids.

Hooray! The car is done! We're off to South Dakota. More from there or Omaha!

How did you get internet connection in the middle of nowhere?

BTW, how does sulfer smell like anyways?
Woo-hoo, looks like you get to have SOME fun on this trip. Great pics.

Good luck with the rest of the trip.
YAY!!! Here you come!!! BTW, sulfur smells like rotten eggs, FYI.
Gorgeous, LQ!

I'm truly happy the pictures don't come with smell, however. Yech.
Oh, those photos make me homesick! I've been to Yellowstone at least half a dozen times and I love it. I've not been back in almost 20 years. I want to go!!!

Are y'all going to be anywhere Ann Arbor on your drive through?
We were lucky enough to stay in a hotel with high speed internet, but it was really iffy. We're in Omaha right now, so expect more posts (with photos!) in the near future!

Sorry, Denise - the rest of the trip continues through Chicago (well, Lansing, IL), and then onto Fort Wayne. From there, it's a straight shot to Northern VA. Though I would love to get together sometime!!!
You know, this feels more and more like a geography game. Guess which state is this city located in?

Did I mention I failed the geography? Thank goodness for trusty o' Google maps. What will I do without the internet?
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