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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wardrobe Malfunction

I was up late last night doing trial prep work. When I finally got around to getting myself ready for bed, Mr. Q was already dreaming blissfully.

I was doing the whole bedtime routine and had just flushed the toilet when there was a huge crash that sounded like it came from the wall where the pipes to the toilet are. I fully expected water to start gushing out...or something. Mr. Q woke up and came running into the the bathroom asking, "Are you ok???" (Maybe he thought I was this lady.)

Anyway, no water erupted from the walls. Lil Q hadn't fallen out of bed. And there was no one banging on any of the doors to our house. We chalked it up to random freaky noises and just went to bed.

This morning, as I went to grab my shoes out of the closet, I saw that one of our closet maid shelf/hanger thingies had ripped right out of the wall! (Guess we loaded it a little heavy. Though I still say it was only partly our fault - the closet is designed in a way that makes it impossible to make that particular system structurally sound enough to hold much weight.)

What we heard was all of our stuff falling onto the closet floor.

That happened to us in our pre-law school house. I remember hearing a crash from downstairs, and wondering what it was but chalking it up to squirrels on the roof or something. Until I went into the closet and found ALL of our stuff on the floor--the whole rack had pulled out of the wall.
I had this happen once too, scared me too death in the middle of the night!
Ouch. The last time we heard such a big bang in the middle of the night (and foolishly did NOT get up to investigate) was last Christmas when our cat climbed the tree and brought it crashing down.

I know what a pain it will be to put everything right -- but, hey, it isn't water gushing out all over the place! :)
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