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Monday, July 09, 2007

Missed Opportunity?

Years ago, when I was newly divorced from Roundboy, someone set me up with "Toby." He was originally from the town where I now live.

Toby was a nice enough guy, I suppose, but a little on the personality deficient side. He also had this incredibly high blink rate, so having a conversation with him was a bizarre experience in itself. Oh, AND he made the mistake of insulting my cooking the first (and only) time I cooked for him. So, let's just say that Toby and I didn't hit it off. At all. And that he really didn't get the hint and kept calling me months after I made it clear that Mr. Q and I were dating exclusively.

Anyway, there's a mortuary that I pass by fairly regularly, which shares Toby's last name. I can't help but wonder if he's the heir to the Mortuary fortune, and given my interest in all things having to do with funerals, if I somehow missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Can't you just imagine the fun I would have had quizzing his family???

But no, mostly I think that a lot of things make perfect sense now.

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