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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

LQ Answers the Mail

An Anonymous poster asked the following question:

For the GLP, what $3,000 incentive were you talking about?? I have never heard or read anywhere that allows you to get a 3k incentive. If you point me to the direction of where you found this information, I would greatly appreciate it. I am currently considering applying for the GLP.

If you take a look at the governing instruction, AFI 51-101, you'll see that paragraph 5.2.1 states:

Cadets in the Graduate Law Program are eligible for a monthly stipend and students under 30 years of age may also be eligible for a Professional Officer Course Incentive (POCI) of $3,000 for each academic year.

Note that the AFI says "may" be eligible - but it's always worth asking the question! Hope this helps!

Here's a JAG Question about husbands and pets. I have one of each and I'm considering applying to JAG so I'm obviously trying to think about how they will react.

My husband (an accountant) would like to continue to have a professional life, how difficult is it for JAG spouses to have civilian careers considering that they also have to pack up and move with you every 2-3 years? I really don't want him to end up dragging him to strange places where he will have to sit at home all day and watch paint dry...

My pet (a dog) is pretty easygoing as long as we're around but I know that some countries have restrictions on importing pets and impose quarantine requirements. It sounds cheesy but dog is definitely a member of our family and quarantining her for 2 months in a strange European kennel would be like quarantining a child (ok, not that bad, but close). Regardless, the whole quarantine thing is expensive and I don't expect to be rolling in the dough working for JAG. So, do JAGs have pets? Does the AF try to send you places where it's possible to bring your entire family (including dogs)? (Note - coincidentally I adopted dog from a rescue that found her abandoned on a military base, so that's prety much my worst fear, that she'd be abandoned or lost again b/c I was transferred somewhere strange.)
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