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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Democracy and baked goods - it's a beautiful thing.

I've found most of the get out the vote campaigns to be...well, annoying. I HATE being accosted by people with clipboards at every street corner. And seriously, how many times do they have to pay a personal visit to my home to make sure I'm voting for their candidate? (Answer - at least 4 - not counting the times we haven't been home)

That said - I have to share one I think is pretty clever.

A place called Cupcake Gallery has a set of bright pink stickers with slogans*:
I'm Pro-Cupcake and I vote!
Legalize Frostitution (my favorite)
There's at least one more, but I forget what it is.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!! If you vote today, you ALSO get 1 free cupcake just for stopping by one of their locations today and telling them you voted. What better incentive can you ask for, people? Hurry...operators are standing by.

* I will try hard to get another copy of these and put a photo up. No promises though. I'd link to their website, but it's under construction.

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